What is MPIGR?

MPIGR is the short form for Madhya Pradesh Inspector General of Registration. This comes under the Department of Registration and Stamps. Also, it is one of the most crucial revenue-generating departments of the region. There are four main operational regional offices i.e., in Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur, and Indore. All these above regional offices are supervised and overlooked by the Deputy Inspector General of Registration. But they are mainly controlled by the Inspector General of Registration (MPIGRS).

There are a total of 285 offices in the state. Out of those 285, there are 51 district registrar offices and sub registrar offices are 234. The Inspector General of Registration supervises all the officers below him. Their main headquarters is at Bhopal. The official website of MPIGR is (MPIGRS login)

Purpose of MPIGR

This MPIGR portal was made and launched by the Government of Madhya Pradesh under the Department of Registration and Stamps. It was made with the objective of making the property registration process more convenient and fast for the people of Madhya Pradesh. People can get access to several services and resources by MPIGR login.

Services offered by MPIGR

MPIGR offers various services to the citizens of Madhya Pradesh which are as follows:

  • Property registration
  • Document search
  • E-stamp Verification
  • Electricity bill payment
  • RERA registration details
  • Stamp duty calculation
  • Stamp duty and registration fee payment
  • Guideline value
  • Agricultural land conversion check
  • Khasra (unique number assigned to a parcel of land in rural areas) numbers check
  • Property Tax Payment

Necessary documents required by the MPIGRS Portal

To start and continue using the MPIGRS Portal, the people of Madhya Pradesh need to upload some necessary required documents and details on the MPIGRS portal. Documents required by the Government of Madhya Pradesh are:

-Identity Proof: Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport, Voter ID card etc.

-PAN Card

-Bank Passbook

-Bhuadhikar and Rin Pustika Number

-Map and Pictures of the Property

-Khasra Number

-Number of Diversion Lan

Features of MPIGR 2023

-Efficient user interface and well-optimized website

This online portal MPIGR webpage is a well-designed website that has a very great user interface. Its UI is very efficient and convenient to use for the people of Madhya Pradesh. This portal also has an interactive dashboard which is very useful to surf across the MPIGR  webpage. This interactive dashboard consists of sorted tabs for almost all MPIGR services available on the homepage of the portal.

  • Updates and announcements

The MPIGR portal has a specific space given to efficiently communicate with users in the form of updates and announcements. It has a dedicated section for notifications, news updates, and the latest information related to property registration or other services provided by MPIGRS.

  • Analytics and statistics

This portal can show the latest and most informative analytical data. The data shown on the website is informative in statistical aspect. For the citizens of Madhya Pradesh, it is a positive as it helps them do whichever desirable task more efficiently and in less time as well.

  • Helpful links to guide you through the webpage

Whenever a user is on the webpage, there will be many useful links for the individual. Hence, helping them to surf the webpage with ease. Helpful links like these direct the citizens to the relevant sections according to their requirements. The individuals can get detailed information in little to no time.

  • Support and care services for individuals 

The MPIGR portal tries to leave no room for any citizen facing an issue. The portal has a dedicated section just for helping individuals with their doubts and the problems they face during their time on MPIGR.

MPIGRS Contact Details

Contact details of the MPIGRS office in Madhya Pradesh –

Toll-free number: 18002333842

Other numbers: 0755-2573849, 0755-2573846, 0755-2573852

Government motive behind MPIGR

MPIGR official portal website was developed by the Government of Madhya Pradesh (Department of Registration) with the motive of trying to digitalize record-keeping and other services related to property, stamps, bills, details, etc. It was launched with the main purpose of making all the processes more accessible for all the people of Madhya Pradesh. Detailed record keeping was also made more capable than before.

Significance and need of MPIGR

The importance of the MPIGR portal for the people of Madhya Pradesh cannot be denied in any aspect. It plays a very crucial role in making the portal more controlled and sophisticated for the people surfing on it.

Also, in today’s time technology is taking over everything and is a booming sector on its own. It leads to digitalization in other sectors too. Adapting to technology and digitalizing in all possible ways is very important as it promotes efficiency and transparency between the government and citizens of Madhya Pradesh.

MPIGR 2023

MPIGR 2023: How to Login

– If a user successfully completes their registration process, they can go ahead with the login process at the portal.

– The user needs to go to the homepage of the portal.

– After opening the homepage, the user needs to click on ‘login’.

– The login form will pop up on the screen.

– After the Login form pops up, on this page user needs to enter their username and password.

– Then the users need to complete the captcha verification process by writing the code given to them. After done with the captcha, click on submit. You’ll be logged in now.

MPIGR 2023: How to verify stamp & registration

– Open the official website portal of MPIGRS.

– After you are on the homepage, click on the re-directing link ‘e-stamp verification’.

– Now you need to enter your E-Stamp ID.

– After filling up your ID, you need to complete the captcha verification process.

– Then your screen will show your E-Stamp duty status and details.


SAMPADA stands for Stamps and Management of Property and Documents Application. This SAMPADA system uses ‘E-Stamps’ to collect the fee for stamp duty. SAMPADA  is an electronic registration system that consists of services of property valuation in Madhya Pradesh, stamp duty and fee calculation for registration depending on various sorts of documents, and slot booking process in the Sub-Registrar office. The people of Madhya Pradesh state witnessed the state-wide implementation of SAMPADA in 2015. This makes it easier to find and download copies of registered papers and documents that have been digitally signed.


This portal is very useful and is a great solution. MPIGR makes processes like document registration, stamp duty payments, and valuation of property in Madhya Pradesh so much more convenient. It has digitized the property record keeping and transactions. It saves a lot of time for both the officials and the citizens of MP. This portal makes the Government processes effective and efficient. One can use the services of SAMPADA too after creating a login ID on the MPIGR portal.


Q- What is the full form of MPIGRS?

MPIGRS stands for Madhya Pradesh Inspector General of Registration. It comes under the Department of Registration and Stamps.

Q- How to register at the portal and create an account?

First, you need to open the official website portal –  

And then you need to fill in basic details and upload required documents like identity to register and create an account. Then you will be able to log in from the homepage.

Q- Can we check the details of real estate on the portal?

Yes, the MPIGR portal lets you check all the details of real estate whether you are looking from a buyer’s perspective or seller’s perspective.

Q- What is the full form of SAMPADA?

SAMPADA is short for Stamps and Management of Property and Documents Application.

Q- What is the contact no of the support center of the portal?

Toll-free number: 18002333842

Other numbers: 0755-2573849, 0755-2573846, 0755-2573852

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