Imginn: In today’s world, social media has been adopted by almost all the people in this world in one way or the other. Social media has such great influence over the world. On an individual level, social media is a way to escape reality for a little while and be occupied in the online presence. On a general level, social media has become a different dimensional space for people which exists on codes, servers, our smart devices, and especially the internet which started it all. Social media is evidently influential. Be it getting canceled on Twitter, chatting for personal or professional needs on WhatsApp, or making posts and staying connected to friends on Instagram.

Hence, we all use social media in some aspects of our lives if not all. But let’s talk about Instagram more as today’s website in discussion (Imginn website address) is related to Instagram only. In some cases, users might want to view other people’s Instagram stories or posts without bringing forth their identity.

Such abilities are not given to users of Instagram officially. Additionally, Instagram does not let its users hide their presence on the social media platform. Anything you do on Instagram, from liking a post to watching someone’s story, leaves a trace there. Hence, people can see that you liked a particular post or that watched someone’s story. Also, you may want to download some posts or stories but Instagram does not let you do that too. That’s where service providers like Imginn come in and give their users such abilities to do stuff that Instagram does not let them do.

Imginn Introduction: What is this Instagram tool?

It is basically a third-party website that provides various kinds of services related to Instagram. It has features that Instagram does not provide. Furthermore, is a website that is like an online profile search engine of Instagram. It claims that it lets you watch, download, and archive any stories or posts from any Instagram account out there which is a public profile. Adding further to it, It also claims that you can do such stuff while at the same time staying anonymous. This means that you can surf someone’s profile or even download any posts or stories from any public Instagram account without leaving a trace. You may wonder that there are already so many service providers that give such features so is Imginn the best in the category? We will cover Imginn in full detail to let you know everything about it that there is to know.

Imginn: Overview & its purpose

Imginn which is also known as storiesIG is a website that is a third-party tool regarding Instagram. Also, Imginn is in no way integrated with Instagram. It is just an unofficial service provider for Instagram users. Therefore, It is an unofficial Instagram viewer which works as a webpage in the browser. It allows its users to watch or download stories and posts of anyone on Instagram who has a public account. Another main highlight of this tool is that along with watching or downloading posts and stories on IG, people can do it without leaving any trace of their identity.

In simpler terms, It lets you be anonymous while doing Instagram activities which usually does not let you hide your identity. In a way, this lets you view and surf Instagram without having or using your Instagram account. Using It you can watch and consume public content without having to register or login. All these services are provided for free without any subscription fee. Therefore, with Imginn’s perks, no one will know about your activities like watching, downloading, or surfing Instagram profiles and posts. If you and your traces do not exist on the platform, you will remain anonymous for sure.

 It is a working process

On the Imginn website, if you want to use their services you will need to provide the username of your desired profile or a URL link to that Instagram profile in the search bar. Aside from the username in the search box, you can also use the full name of the profile. When you press enter to proceed with the search, the results will direct you.Hence, Imginn will provide you with a full list consisting of profiles that matched or were similar to the username or name provided by you. After that, you can choose your desired profile. Now you will be able to watch Instagram stories and posts of public accounts anonymously without leaving a trace.


Features of Imginn 

  • Imginn as an Instagram profile viewer and downloader lets you download any content on Instagram that is publicly visible. There are no limitations on how many downloads you can do.
  • Using Imginn to surf Instagram allows you to become anonymous on the social media platform, leaving no trace of you. Like if you watch stories from Instagram the person can see who saw their stories but with Imginn enjoy anonymity.
  • Using Imginn you can download content like public profile avatars, photos, videos, and other posts in the finest quality.
  • Imginn lets you use its services without any subscription plan.
  • You can surf Instagram, watch profiles, etc without even registration or login process. Meaning that you don’t even need to have an account to enjoy Instagram through Imginn.

Advantages of Imginn

  • The Imginn website features a well-designed layout. Its simple UI makes it easy to understand and use.
  • There is no need to pay any amount of money to use the services provided here.
  • You don’t even need an Instagram account to surf and use Instagram through Imginn. Therefore, It lets you use its services and surf Instagram without any registration or login process.
  • Imginn does not demand or acquire any kind of personal information.
  • Imginn gives you the ability to stay anonymous while using Instagram through their website. Consequently, No one will get to know if you watch their stories because there will be no trace of your identity.

Disadvantages of Imginn

  • It’s not possible to view private Instagram files or download their content.
  • Imginn does not display analysis data, meaning it does not show likes and view counts.
  • There is no information provided about privacy or copyright issues here.
  • The website is full of pop-up ads and banner ads from Google.
  • You cannot watch or download Instagram reels as it is not yet supported.
  • Only email is provided in case of technical difficulty and you want to contact them.
  • This website also has many negative reviews under its hat.
  • There are other websites with the same name ‘Imginn’ which makes it confusing for the users as to which one is the right one.
  • The website occasionally encounters errors and has also experienced downtime on a few occasions.

Best Imginn Alternative: AiSchedul

In case, Imginn is not working and the website is down. Many users consider AiSchedul to be the best alternative to Imginn, and it has received very positive reviews. Some consider AiSchedul even better to use than Imginn. This is because it offers way more services than just Instagram viewing and downloading tools. Moreover, You can call it an all-in-one platform for Instagram management. It is also equipped with efficient editing tools, along with scheduling tools.

Countries where Imginn is used the most

  • United States of America
  • Iran
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • South Korea
  • Germany
  • Brazil


We hope that you gained some insight and useful information about the website. In conclusion, Imginn is a third-party service that should not be incorporated into your daily use. Imginn sure is helpful in many aspects but at the same time, it is not as convenient as using the official Instagram website or application.


Q- Is it anonymous when we use Imginn to access Instagram?

Yes, your actions on Imginn leave no trace on the Instagram servers like watching a story.

Q- is it safe and secure to use for its users?

No, we cannot guarantee its safety in any way and neither we advise u to use it too much.

Q- why is the website not working?

The website is known to get down sometimes. But you can check out its alternative that we discussed above.

Q- Can we download Instagram reels too?

No, Instagram reels are not supported yet for downloads.

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