Loopcv: In today’s world, where having a job and stability comes under one of the necessities, it is still hard for many people to search for and get jobs according to their profile. Are you aware of the job search portals? The job search portal is not a new thing. Many platforms can provide you with better opportunities online, but here comes a twist.

Now, AI has made its entry into the market. Thus, finding jobs matching your profile on these portals is now much easier. Not only this, the AI is going to create your CV on its own and also distribute it to recruiters or big companies. Yes, you heard it right. The AI will help you in searching for your dream job. If you’re a fresher or looking for a job, then this article is for you. Stay connected to learn more about this new function of the AI tool.


Are you tired of feeling the same information on thousands of online forms? Don’t worry, he has a solution for you. Now you don’t have to spend hours on the Internet to search for several jobs. Loopcv is there to help to help you out. It is the first platform in the market that automates the job. It will not only create your CV but will also distribute it to recruiters and other big companies to help you find a job matching your resume.

User-friendly interface

The loopcv is a new platform and it is designed and executed in such a way that anyone can easily access the platform without any inconvenience. You just have to provide some basic information to this platform and it will automatically start searching jobs for you according to your profile or resume. It also rectifies the errors in your resume and helps you get your dream job by sending automatic emails to recruiters and big companies.

General information about loopcv

  • Platform
  • Loopcv
  • Founder
  • George Avgenakis
  • Location
  • 12 London Road, London, England GB
  • Purpose
  • Job automation platform
  • Features of loopcv
  • Easy to use – This platform is very easy to use and manage.
  • Helps find your dream job – The loopcv is your friend that will help you find you find your dream job without any inconvenience.
  • No efforts – No efforts are required. It will automatically create your CV and fill in the required information wherever needed.
  • No wasting of time – Now you don’t have to spend hours on the internet searching and applying for your favorite job opportunities.
  • Personalized support – It gives you personalized support and an individual consulting package to help you out.

How to make a loop on loopcv?

  • Visit the official website of loopcv
  • On the website, It will ask you to sign in.
  • Sign in and make your profile.
  • Upload your CV if you have one. With the help of AI, it will rectify the errors in your resume.
  • Select your job title, location and other required information.
  • It will apply on your behalf and will search for jobs for you according to your resume.
  • It will send automatic emails to the recruiters.

Benefits of using loopcv

1. It makes job search easy.

2. It sends email to recruiters on your behalf.

3. It only circulates your CV to your desired job fields.

4. It modifies and rectifies the errors in your resume.

5. It saves you time and energy.

6. No spending of hours on the internet for searching jobs.

Demerits of loopcv

1. It is a newly launched platform and is still in an evolving stage, thus, it is not 100% accurate.

2. There are a lot of bugs.

3. There are chances of scams or might be fraud.

4. There might be chances of leakage of your personal and professional data.

5. It offers a premium plan which is chargeable.

6. Waiting period for a job search may be tedious and time-consuming.

Alternatives of loopcv

  • Kickresume
  • iapply.ai
  • Retune
  • Foundit
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Indeed
  • Getwork
  • JazzHR
  • Jobgether
  • 100Hires

Is it reliable to use loopcv?

If you are tired of searching for jobs daily and want someone to do this for you, then loopcv can be a perfect partner for you. But, since it is a new platform and still in its initial stage, thus, you cannot fully trust this platform. Although, if you want to use it, you can surely give it a try, but must read the terms and conditions before using this platform.

Future possibilities of loopcv

It is a new platform and is currently in its nascent stage, so it is not very popular among users. But, in the future, it might open the doors to innovations and opportunities for the youth. So we can assume it is a future hiring process beneficial for both the recruiters and the applicants.


It is a new and innovative platform to provide you with better job opportunities according to your job profile. Although you cannot be fully reliable on this platform you can try this for sure to explore a more efficient hiring process. We do not promote this platform. This article is written by us just to provide you with information about this new platform.

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