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About WinSCP 

WinSCP is a free-to-use tool online. It is an open-source-based portal. WinSCP helps its users with transferring files between a local and a remote computer module. Aside from this, it is very functional in providing services like scripting and a simple file manager. WinSCP charges no subscription fee from its users to provide its services. WinSCP to conduct smooth, efficient, and safe file transfer uses File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol (SSFTP), and Secure Copy Protocol (SCP). It even supports WebDAV or S3 protocols.WinSCP for Mac is not available yet. The main highlight of WinSCP is the process of copying and transferring files between a remote server and a local computer.

Therefore, for such services, WinSCP is one of the most popular File Transfer Protocol clients and File managers available to the users. Later in the article, we will discuss some good alternatives for these services that work on Mac OS. WinSCP is specifically developed to work seamlessly on Windows operating systems. It supports features of Windows like file drag and drop, jumping of list locations, and context menu entries. Everyone especially the tech-savvy part of the users appreciates such services. Who does not want their process of file transferring and file managing to be more streamlined and efficient? Well, WinSCP does this task with perfection.

Working of WinSCP

The process of WinSCP will be covered in detail ahead to make you understand its functionality and its working process. In short, WinSCP connects the client computer to the specific server to engage FTP (File Transfer Protocols) using either a public key encryption process or password security. Then it initiates the upload file or file transfer in whichever desired way the user wants. After the user installs WinSCP, they have a choice of the interface they want to use.

Users can choose from ‘Windows Explorer’ or ‘Norton Commander’ to be their interface. The homepage window shows the client’s files on one side of the panel and host server files are on the other side of the panel. Options regarding file transfer are made available in the menu bar which provides a list of options of protocols to choose from. The most used protocol by the users is FTP. FTP is an unencrypted protocol which makes it able to be easily intercepted even if it’s secured by a password.

How to transfer files using WinSCP

The file transfer process is simple to remember once you get to understand it. There are things like hostname, port number, username, and password required before you start transferring files to the host. The host’s name is the web address of the server. The port number depends on the protocol type chosen by the user. After you get logged into WinSCP, you can simply use the drag-and-drop feature of dragging files from the client panel and dropping them into the host panel. The time it takes to transfer the data depends on the volume and size of the data that you wish to transfer. However, file transfer speeds are considerably fast.

WinSCP For Mac

Features of WinSCP: WinSCP For Mac

  • WinSCP has a very simple yet efficient User Interface. Its UI is full of graphics to make it easy to navigate for its users. It also includes screenshots of procedures to help first-timers on their portal
  • The portal gets translated and is available in many languages.
  • WinSCP is also integrated with the Windows Operating System. Hence, making it smoother to work as it was designed specifically for windows. Integration with Windows makes it compatible with features like drag and drop, various shortcuts, and a jump list.
  • All kinds of operations are available for the users to take advantage of. All file-related operations are included whether it is file transfer or file managing. Hence, making it worthy of being one of the best tools in the category as it can work on both local and remote devices.
  • It supports SFTP & SCP Protocols along with SSH, FTP, WebDAV, and S3 protocols.
  • WinSCP includes features like batch file scripting, command-line interface, and .net assembly for programming needs of advanced level.
  • It synchronizes the directory for the users automatically for efficiency.
  • Site settings are shared with PuTTY servers.
  • It supports authentication and security options like password protection, keyboard-interactive authentication, and Kerberos (GSS).
  • To have full support for public key authentication with SHH it is also integrated with ‘Pageant’ which is an authentication agent for PuTTY.
  • Master password protects the stored site information and this feature is made optional for the users.
  • It also supports portable operations with the help of a configuration file in place of the registry which is very suitable for operations related to removable media.

WinSCP for Mac OS?

WinSCP has become a valuable and popular service provider in this category because of its wide variety of options and features available. It is well respected in the tech world for its efficiency. But a major minus point is that WinSCP for Mac OS is unavailable. It was specifically developed with Windows OS in mind and is even integrated with Windows. Furthermore, with this much popularity, there is no doubt that people wonder why WinSCP for Mac OS is not available yet. People want to use WinSCP on their Mac devices but they have no choice as it is not compatible with their OS. However, there is nothing to worry about as we are going to tell you about alternatives of WinSCP which will work with Mac OS as well.

Alternatives of WinSCP for Mac OS

  • Filezilla
  • Transmit
  • Cyberduck
  • ForkLift
  • AnyClient
  • Interachy
  • Fetch
  • Captain FTP
  • muCommander
  • Fugu
  • CuteFtp
  • Flow
  • Total Manager
  • Cross FTP
  • Yummy FTP


We here at CryptoCars hope that you grasped some valuable information about WinSCP after we discussed it thoroughly. We went into detail of what is the purpose of WinSCP, how it works, and its features. Additionally, we also talked about good alternatives to WinSCP for Mac. As WinSCP for Mac OS is not available officially, mac users do need to fulfill their FTP and file managing needs. We provided you with alternatives for WinSCP that are worth using and will work well on your system.


Q- Is it available on all platforms?

No, it is limited to Windows only.

Q- Does WinSCP include security features for files?

Security features like password protection, keyboard-interactive authentication, and Kerberos (GSS) are provided for your files.

Q- How does WinSCP function in transferring files?

WinSCP connects the Host/Client computer model to the remote server and after making a successful signal connection it can engage in file transfers.

Q- How much does WinSCP charge for its services?

Services here are all provided for free and they charge no subscription for any service on their portal.

Q- How many and which file transfer protocols are available here?

WinSCP uses File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol (SSFTP) and Secure Copy Protocol (SCP). Even WebDAV or S3 protocols are available here.

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