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WCOFun: Best website to watch your favourite Animated Shows

Do you watch Anime or cartoon? WCOfun is for you then, it’s an online streaming platform for anime, cartoons, and movies. The main target of this website is kids but if you are older you can also access this website. You can find your favourite cartoons easily on this website of all genres. However, it has a wide range of collections of cartoons, dubbed anime. This website is available on mobile as well as on desktop.  Kids can enjoy the website while having breakfast.

Features of WCOFUN

This platform provides you with many cartoons and anime shows which makes the user experience better. It provides a unique feature of chatting with other viewers and sharing comments on the video. Moreover, you can vote on the episodes you watch next. Thereafter you can also create a group and share your favorite cartoon and anime shows with friends and strangers. You can also see your favorite anime and cartoons by downloading prior. The platform gives you regular updates on the new content. It has user user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate which makes it unique from other websites.

How to access this website?

First of all, open your desired browser search, and then click on the URL. Enter your zip code, click on sign up now, enter your name, and click sign in. Finally, you are ready to watch your favourite shows. However, this website is banned in some Asian countries, users have to use a VPN.

How WCOFun works?

The platforms are designed to make it easy for customers to use the website around the world. It has also a library of older movies and shows which makes the website easy to use. The platform also updates the new season of the popular show from time to time. The platform also has a library of popular shows that are in demand.

Why should I use WCOFun?

It provides you with a vast collection of popular shows. You can watch popular titles like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Attack on Titans, etc. For children, there is also a wide range of selection of cartoons like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doraemon, Shinchan, and Spongebob Squarepants. You can use the WCOFun on every device including gaming consoles, smart TVs, etc. To use this website you only need an interconnection and an account with WCOFun. If you have an account you can start streaming your favourite show.

Is WCOFun safe and legal?

This website is a legal platform to stream your favourite cartoons and anime. In some countries, this website is legal, while in others it’s banned. If this website is banned in your country you can use the VPN to access this website.

How much WCOFun cost?

There are three subscription plans available- monthly-$4, yearly-$40, and lifetime-$120. If you want to explore the website first you can also start a free trial.

Other alternatives website

  • Cartoon Network
  • YouTube
  • Nickelodeon
  • Anime8
  • Bili Bili


This website is a very simple and easy-to-use platform. It gives you a wide range of content including popular anime and cartoons. This is the best option for the user who wants to see legal anime, cartoons, and movies without concern about breaking the law.  Also, it is an affordable option for the user to start their subscription at $4.


This platform gives you a wide range of shows, but sometimes they may delay the latest releases of shows. Moreover, some titles and dubbed languages are not available in certain shows. Whereas, the platform is also banned by some countries. Users have to use a VPN to use this website which is not convenient from the user’s point of view. This is the major cons of this platform.


Best show on WCOFun

  • Naruto

Naruto is a Japanese series written by Masashi Kishimoto. The story is about Naruto Uzumaki, a young boy who dreams of becoming Hokage.

  • Death Note

This story follows Light Yagami a genius high school student who found the mysterious book.

  • One piece

The show’s story is about pirates and swordsmanship.

List of cartoons on WCOFun

  • Space opera
  • Magical boy
  • Samurai
  • Vampire
  • Dark fantasy


This platform gives you a wide range of cartoons, anime, and movie shows which make it unique from others. Moreover, If you get bored with your work and studies this is the best place you can utilize your free time. You have to just simply open the browser and search the website and you can enjoy your free time with your family, friends, and colleagues. You can access this website from any mobile and laptop whether you are at home or outside. If you are looking for a safe platform then this website is for you to watch your favourite show.


Q- Can I access the WcoFun website from my mobile?

Yes, you can access it from your phone. You can use this app from every device like a tablet, laptop, PC, etc.

Q- Is the WCOFun website for all age groups?

Yes, this platform is for all age groups. However, there is some restriction to the age-related content for younger users.

Q- Are there any subscription plans for WCOFUn?

Yes, this platform is a plan-based website. It offers you plans at a very low price and also budget budget-friendly streaming platform.

Q- Is it worth buying a subscription to WCOFun?

Yes, if you are a fan of anime and cartoons then it is a power pack entertainment for you.

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