Traffic rider mod apkTraffic rider mod apk

Traffic rider mod apk: Do you like riding bikes? Which is your dream bike? Are you a bike lover? If yes, then this article is for you. Many of us have had a dream of riding sports bikes on empty roads but due to the heavy traffic on roads and overpopulation, we could not fulfill our wish. But don’t you worry now, we have a solution for you. You don’t have to sacrifice your dream anymore. You just have to shift to the virtual world and boom, here you can ride your favorite bikes without any fear or following any rules. If you are a crazy bike lover, then you should go through this article to learn further about this game.

About traffic rider mod apk

It is a game specially designed for crazy bike lovers where you can choose from 29 bikes and ride your favorite bikes among them. In this game, you will experience the serene beauty of nature, beautiful endless roads, and mesmerizing sunrise and sunset views. You will see other riders riding along with you. you can follow the missions and beat other vehicles to show your crazy skills on the virtual roads. You will get rewards after completing each mission. So don’t miss this interesting game and show everyone what you are capable of doing.

Driving modes in traffic rider mod apk 

You will be driving your favorite bikes in different locations in different time zones. The players get an option to drive in daylight as well as in the evening or at night. Moreover, after every mission your location will get upgraded. You can also set the difficulty level according to your playing skills.

Features of traffic rider mod apk

  • Designed for bike lovers – It is specially designed for bike lovers to give them an amazing experience in the virtual world which does not look less than reality.
  • Multiple camera angles – The game has multiple camera angles to provide you more immersive and natural experience.
  • Better graphics – The game has focused on providing a natural experience and has better graphics in comparison to other bike simulation games. 
  • Fascinating view – The game provides fascinating and beautiful sunrise and sunset views to make it look more interesting and authentic.
  • Choose your favorite bike – The game provides plenty of bikes for you to choose from and ride on the road of traffic rider.
  • Customize your bike – The game lets you customize your favorite vehicle so that you can fulfill your dream of riding your dream bike. You can change the engine, exhaust as well as tires of your bike to make it more desirable and compatible.
  • Play in your language – Choose your language to play the game. Thus, no chance of a language barrier.
  • Bonus missions – The game offers you bonus missions which, after completing you will be rewarded with some bonus.
  • Free of cost – You do not have to pay anything to play the game. Thus, it is free of cost.
  • Unlimited version – with this apk file of this traffic rider game, there will be no annoying ads and you will have access to unlimited and locked features of this game for free.
  • Sound quality – The game provides an extremely realistic environment and along with the 3D graphics you will experience the best and genuine sound effects that you find in the real world.
Traffic rider mod apk
Traffic rider mod apk

Is it safe to download traffic rider mod apk?

Without any doubt, Traffic Rider is a perfect game for bike enthusiasts but the Traffic Rider mod apk is a cracked version of this game, which lets you access all the unlimited and locked features of this game. Thus, it is not regulated by the official developers. It is a third-party application that is not official and is managed by third-party developers who make changes to the app and keep their identities hidden. In case of any miss happening, they would not be reliable for the same. So, users are advised to use this at their own risk.

Alternatives of traffic rider mod apk

  • Motorcycle racing
  • Driving racer
  • Real bike racing
  • Speed moto
  • Forza Motorsport
  • Asphalt nitro 
  • Need for speed unbound
  • F1 2021
  • Dirt bike unchained
  • Formula retro racing

Drawbacks of traffic rider mod apk

  • It is not available on the Play Store or App Store. You have to download it from the web browser.
  • It is not supported in IOS or iPhone as it is a third-party app and Apple does not allow it to run third-party apps due to its user’s privacy. 
  • It is a third-party app and is not managed by the game developers. So, there is a chance to expose viruses or other security risks.
  • In case of any miss happening, the third-party developers are not reliable.


Traffic Rider is a perfect game for bike enthusiasts and people who love racing games, so you can give it a try. You might like this game a lot. But also keep in mind that the traffic rider mod apk file also has some major drawbacks that should be considered before downloading this hacked version of this game.


We do not promote this platform. Moreover, it is a third-party app and no one is reliable in case of any miss happening. The users playing this game should be aware of every risk related to this game. Furthermore, by using the traffic rider mod apk may lead to suspension of your account. However, we wrote this article to aware people of this platform. Use it wisely and at your own risk.

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