MISA AMANE: The influence of anime over different parts of the world’s population cannot be denied. Anime has become so popular and influential over the last two decades that it has taken its place among the big players in the entertainment industry. However, today we are going to talk about one specific character from a specific anime.

The anime industry in its early times gave the world a classic anime series titled ‘Death Note’ which is loved by the audience to this day. Hence, it continues to gain the hype. Importantly, we are going to talk about her in detail, a very crucial character from the Death Note manga-based anime series.

But before talking about her, let’s discuss the anime ‘Death Note’.


Death Note is a Japanese anime series based on the manga with the same title. The original manga Death Note was written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Death Note falls under the psychological thriller, mystery, and fantasy genre. Additionally, the Death Note anime series comprises 37 episodes and was first published and broadcast on October 4, 2006. Moreover, many people consider Death Note a good gateway anime or let’s say someone’s first anime series.


If you have not experienced this anime series yet, firstly you are missing out on a lot of fun with Death Note’s amazing plot and character write-up. The story of Death Note follows a character named Light Yagami, a high school student. Adding further, Light Yagami finds a supernatural notebook of some sort called ‘death note’. Furthermore, this death note allows Light Yagami to kill anyone by just writing the individual’s name inside one of the pages of the death note. Also, he had to write the name of the individual while also picturing their face at the same time to be more specific.

The well-written storyline is beloved worldwide as Light Yagami attempts to become God and strives to cleanse evil, all the while getting corrupted by his power. Along the way, he encounters Misa Amane, also known as the Second Kira and the Queen of Backing Out. Let’s talk about Misa Amane, today’s main focus in further detail ahead, so stick with us till the end


Misa Amane plays the role of an up-and-coming actress and model in the narrative of Death Note. More Importantly, as the storyline progresses Misa Amane becomes the Second Kira. The public created the name “Kira” when they witnessed Light Yagami’s actions, using death notes to kill certain criminals. Furthermore, they view him as a God after witnessing his ‘miraculous powers.’Well, Misa Amane was already a supporter of Kira i.e., Light Yagami. Later, she got to become a Kira herself.


– Character Name: Misa Amane

–  Anime/Manga name: Death Note

– Japanese Name: (弥 海砂, Amane Misa)

– Character Alias Name: Misa Misa, The Second Kira, & Backout Queen

– Occupation- Model, Actress, Singer, & TV personality

– Gender: Female

– Birth Date: December 25, 1987

– Age- 19

– Height: 152 cm

– Weight: 36 kg

– Blood type: AB

– Hair color: Golden Blonde

– Eye color: Green


Furthermore, after she gains her death note she decides to find Kira which was Light Yagami. Her aim to meet Light Yagami was to thank him for his help. In the narrative, Light Yagami helps her by killing the man who was responsible for murdering her family. Moreover, after meeting Kira she wanted to be of some help to him. In the plot of Death Note that follows, She learns that the identity of Kira is Light Yagami. She does it by making the trade for Shinigami’s eyes.

Finally, when Misa Amane and Light Yagami meet, they decide to uncover the real name and identity of L (another character who plays the investigator). In addition, She decides to dedicate her life to Light Yagami and help him in any way she can. Eventually, Misa Amane and Light Yagami develop feelings for each other. Hence, throughout the story, they are a couple.



The character of Misa Amane is portrayed as an attractive young girl. Her body is petite and lean. Her hair is Golden Blonde in color. Misa’s hairstyle is straight long hair usually with small pigtails towards the back side with red bands. However, sometimes her hair is shown loose as well.

Moreover, in the manga, she was a brunette at some point in time and also had Light brown eyes. Whereas, in the anime series adaptation of Death Note Misa Amane’s character appears to have Golden blonde hair with green eyes. Misa Amane sometimes uses blue-colored contact lenses.


In the anime series Death Note, Misa Amane is shown as a very extroverted and outgoing character. Her character also has a lot of fame and popularity in the narrative of the anime. She managed to get a lot of attention and got a crowd around her when she visited Light Yagami at his University campus. She exhibits personality traits such as hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and occasional childishness. Moreover, people have observed that she has a habit of speaking in the third person. Despite of many thinking she is idiotic, her cases of intelligence like her tricking Kyosuke Higuchi into revealing his identity. She seems to have a kind and innocent soul but she is smart as well.


Death Note has been around long enough and at the same time provides quality content for the viewers to deserve all the hype and conversations around it. Hence, Death Note is a great anime. Many people widely consider Death Note to be a great first anime, serving as a gateway into the world of anime.However, particularly Misa Amane from Death Note was a crucial and impressive character. Misa played an important role in how the events and lastly the story turned out.


Q- is Death Note dubbed and available in English language audio and subtitles?
Yes, Death Note is very well dubbed in English and the subtitles are also available in English.

Q- who wrote and drew Death Note manga?

Segumi Ohba is the one who authored Death Note manga along with Takeshi Obata who illustrated it.

Q- where can we watch Death Note in English?

Death Note is available to stream on Netflix with multiple languages audio and subtitles.

Q- did Misa Amane fall in love with Light Yagami?

Yes, Misa Amani and Light Yagami fall in love and eventually start dating.

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