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Do you watch the movies online? Kokoa TV is the newest online platform that provides your favorite show. It is the latest streaming platform that gives you an immense collection of TV shows and movies to stream. The selection of content is very diverse Like documentaries, original content, TV shows, etc. Moreover, the platform provides you with the best content from all over the world with dubbed or subtitles in English. You can watch your favorite shows from anywhere and anytime. Also, the subscription fee for this platform is very low with a huge library. Do you find something new to binge-watch?  Then Kokoa TV is for you. They come up with their original content and award-winning movies that can give you mind-blowing entertainment.

Features of Kokoa TV

This platform provides you with a wide range of content and unique features that take it away from other streaming platforms. They create their original content which is very entertaining for the viewer prospects. Some of their famous content are The Crown, colony 7, and Astral come from different genres. In fact, they release their original content every month. They also have an older movie collection from the 70s, 80s, and 90s which gives them uniqueness. If you want to feel nostalgic then you can watch classic dramas, comedies, and films which take you to back your childhood. The feature of offline viewing is the best if you don’t have an internet connection. However, if you have a plan of traveling somewhere and you want to utilize your traveling time you can download your favorite show prior. The best feature you can say is that you have the option of a separate profile for each member. There is also a kid’s profile where the parents can filter out the matured content.

Compatibility of Kokoa TV

The platform is accessible from all devices like mobile devices, Tablets, Smart TVs, Web browsers, and Casting devices. You can use this platform from your every device whatever you want. Also, from anywhere whether you are at home or from outside.

Pros of Kokoa TV

The platform provides you with the best content from all over the world at very low cost. You can get it at $ 6.99/ month with no Ads and also you can take a free trial. Also, you can cancel your free trial without any charges. Moreover, the platform also makes its original content and provides you with high-quality original shows. The interface of the platform is also user-friendly and easy to navigate. There is a separate category for each genre, just click on your favorite genre and start watching. This platform gives you the best quality and ensures that viewers get the finest Korean entertainment, action films, romantic K-dramas, and educational kids’ videos.

Cons of Kokoa TV

This platform’s limitation is limited content compared to other streaming platforms. They have limited show selection which is the major disadvantage. Although You can face the ads on your basic plan which is very disappointing from the user point of view. The user has to upgrade their plan to an Ads-free one that is a little more costly than the basic one. However, if you have a basic plan you can face the problem of limited downloads. If you plan to travel, you have to buy a higher plan for more downloads.

Other famous streaming platforms

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Prime Video
  • Google play movies
Kokoa TV
Kokoa TV

Is Kokoa TV safe?

The platform is very concerned about the safety and security of the user. If you are concerned about this platform then you are in safe hands. They also provide a healthy environment to the users while streaming. Moreover, they also ensure a protected environment for the adults and children. For families, there is a kid’s section that is protected from inappropriate content. Also, there is a layer of parental control that ensures young viewers cannot get mature content. It is a center of entertainment and gives you excellent safety in the digital world. Chill! You are in secure hands.

Plans and pricing of subscription.

1.  Monthly

You can start your journey of watching Kokoa TV on a monthly plan. User can buy their monthly subscription at $6.99.

  • Annual plan

This plan is designed for the user who feels too lazy to buy a Subscription from time to time. In fact, this plan is mainly bought by the committed viewers at $69.99. this plan is very economical at $5.83 per month.


The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Users get a huge collection of TV shows, movies, and autobiographies at very low cost. If you have any issue with the payment you can also take the free trial. It is budget-friendly as compared to other platforms.  It offers excellent value for money to its users. Are you a fan of Korean Dramas? Then you can rely on this platform because it has a diverse content library of Korean drama.


Q Is it worth buying a subscription to Kokoa TV?

Yes, It is a budget-friendly streaming platform. This platform provides you with the best original content at an affordable rate.

Q Can I watch classic movies on this platform?

This platform provides you with the TV shows of late 70s, 80s, and 90s that you won’t find anywhere. Classic movies can take you back to your childhood time.

Q Is it safe to buy the subscription?

Yes, this platform is very safe and secure in terms of payment and account details.

Q How many screens I can use on the Kokoa TV?

If you have a basic plan you can only use 2 screens and for the Premium plan, you can use up to 4 screens.

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