Jelly Roll NetworthJelly Roll Networth

Jelly Roll Networth: Music has been one of the greatest inventions since the start of time. From the day that music was discovered it has been under constant and consistent evolution. More new and new instruments kept getting invented which gave birth to new unique sounds never heard before. At present, there are so many genres and subgenres within those genres of music, providing different flavors and vibes in melodies to the listeners. Therefore, one such genre that took over the audience’s playlist all over the world is Hip Hop.

Hip Hop has been very successful in all aspects of the music industry. Many musicians, producers, and rappers that represent Hip Hop could prove their worth now to the game and find a legacy. Now, we will talk about one such guy from Tennessee, USA who entered the Rap and Hip-Hop Industry. He goes by the stage name of Jelly Roll Networth. Hence, We will discuss everything you need to know about this prominent music personality from his origin and struggle to a successful career.

Overview:(Jelly Roll Networth)

Official Name- Jason Deford

Stage Name- Jelly Roll

Date of birth- December 4, 1984

Birth Place- Nashville, Tennessee

Father Name- E.P. La Menthe

Mother Name- Louise Monette

Nationality- American

Ethnicity – White

Zodiac Sign- Sagittarius

Religion- Christian

Home Town- Antioch Tennessee

Marital Status- Married

Wife Spouse- Bunnie Xo

Son’s Name- Noah DeFord

Daughter Name- Bailee Ann

Siblings- Scott & Roger

Physical Stats:

Height – 6ft 1in

Weight – 110 kg

Eye Color – Dark Brown

Hair Color – Black

Origin Story & Who is he?

He who goes by the official name of Jason Bradley DeFord was born on December 4, 1984. Therefore, He spent his childhood in the Antioch neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee. His father was mainly a meat salesman but also pursued the work of a bookie (Service providers and record keepers of gambling) as a side hustle. His mother was known to have dealt with addiction problems and suffered from mental health issues. Furthermore, Jason (Jelly Roll) also ran with the law when he was just a teenager which we will discuss now.

Jelly Roll Networth
Jelly Roll Networth

Jelly Roll Networth: Family & Education 

Jelly Roll was given birth to by E.P. La Menthe and Louise Monette. At present, he is a married man as he married Bunnie DeFord in August 2016. Adding further, he met Bunnie for the first time. at one of his Live Performances in Las Vegas. He has two kids. He has a son named Noah Buddy and a daughter named Bailee Ann. Also, Jelly Roll was in prison on drug dealing charges the day his daughter Bailee was born. His son was born in 2016 whereas his daughter was born in 2008.

Also, his son Noah was born from his previous relationship with Melisa, Noah’s biological mother. Melisa is still a custodial parent of Noah and they all get along great. Jelly Roll has two brothers and a sister named Scott DeFord, Roger DeFord, and Shelby DeFord. As for his education, he did not go to college but went to school at Antioch High School. But he gained his GED (Test certificate equivalent to a High school diploma) at the age of 23 while he was in prison.

Jelly Roll NetworthJelly Roll’s Conviction at 15 years of age

Law authorities arrested Jason DeFord (Jelly Roll) for possession of marijuana and attempted robbery. He attempted a marijuana robbery, which resulted in his conviction on these charges. Jelly was just a 15-year-old teenager at the time of this robbery. Therefore, he had multiple charges of possession along with that attempted robbery charge. Furthermore, it was an armed robbery. The judicial process treated him as an adult because it was a dangerous crime. (Jelly Roll Networth)

Jelly Roll NetworthJelly Roll shares regret regarding conviction

In a recent interview, Jelly Roll opened up about his regrets regarding his past conviction. He got into it by talking about a time when he is along with his wife Bunnie XO went to buy their dream house. Adding further, it was in a guard-gated community with a golf course. But he faced rejection when they stated, “No, the golf course will not allow a felon to become part of the community.”

After completely turning his life around in two decades still regrets his actions of the time and his conviction. He says he can’t get rid of the dishonor of being a past felon and carries regret for his crime to this day. Therefore, Jelly Roll now works on helping youth who are at risk through different programs. It is to stop them from going on similar paths as he was.(Jelly Roll Networth)

Jelly Roll Networth Music Career: Struggle and Stardom

He started his music career in the Hip Hop industry in the year 2005 by dropping his first song called ‘Outro (The Halfway House)’. Moreover, according to Jelly Roll, his inspiration for rap came from artists such as Three 6 Mafia, UGK, and 8Ball & MJG. He once used to personally sell his mixtapes to people out of his car. He started selling mixtapes at the beginning of his first project ‘The Plain Shmear Tape’. In addition, Jelly Roll has been known to touch the themes of addiction, pain, and struggle in his music. He has not been limited to just Hip Hop as he also experimented with rock, country music, and R&B throughout his music career. At present he is a successful individual, enjoying the fruits of his stardom and struggle. Jerry Roll’s net worth is over 6 million dollars as of 2023.(Jelly Roll Networth)

Jelly Roll Networth: Collaboration Projects help win recognition

He gained clout from numerous collaborations with artists such as Lil Wyte, Struggle Jennings, Tech N9ne, Merkules, and Ryan Upchurch. His collaboration with Lil Wyte (rapper from Memphis) on ‘Pop Another Pill’ which was released in 2010 was a big hit on YouTube and started getting him recognition in the industry. ‘Pop Another Pill’ got 6.3 million views on YouTube leading to getting named among “The 10 Most Memorable White Rapper Collaborations” by XXL.(Jelly Roll Networth)

Jelly Roll NetworthMusic Journey of Jelly Roll

Jelly roll has made quite a collection of a music library under his name. Over the time of his music journey, he has released various projects. Jelly Roll is also recognized as a versatile music artist as he has experimented with other genres like country acoustics, rock, and soulful R&B. Jelly Roll released several mixtape titles including the 4-part series of his prominent mixtape ‘Gamblin’ on a Whiteboy’ & Therapeutic Music. Therefore,  He also released his debut solo studio album ‘The Big Sal Story’ independently on October 26, 2012.(Jelly Roll Networth)

He has many Collaborative projects under his music library too. He released 2 collaborative albums with Haystak named ‘Strictly Business’ and ‘Business as Usual’ which performed well among listeners. Furthermore, he did 2 projects with Lil Wyte named ‘No Filter’ and ‘No Filter 2’ which won him a lot of recognition in the Hip Hop scene. Moreover, he did 4 collaborative projects with Struggle Jennings named ‘Waylon & Willie’, the other 3 were the sequels of the same album. At last, it is worth mentioning another collaborative project named ‘Year Round’. The track ‘Pop Another Pill’ with Lil Wyte was a part of this album. Jelly Roll was a member of the group ‘SNO’ which also included Lil Wyte and BPZ. The album ‘Year Round’ was the creation of the SNO group and it was a great project that performed well.(Jelly Roll Networth)

Jelly Roll NetworthAwards won by Jelly Roll

  • 2020 Independent Music Awards – Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album (“A Beautiful Disaster”)
  • 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards – Best New Rock/Alternative Rock Artist
  • 2021 Billboard Music Awards – Top New Rock Artist

Jelly Roll NetworthJelly Roll’s Social Media Handles


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Q- what is Jelly Roll’s net worth?

Jelly Roll as of 2023 is worth more than 6 Million Dollars.

Q- is Jelly Roll a convicted felon?

Yes, he has been convicted in the past on the charges of possession of marijuana, attempted and armed robbery, and drug dealing.

Q- who gave birth to Noah if not Bunnie?

Melisa who was one of the past relationships of Jelly Roll is the biological mother of his son Noah.

Q- Have Jelly Roll’s albums ever been on billboard charts?

Yes, several of his albums have been charted on the Billboard 200.

Q- how many monthly listeners does Jelly Roll have on Spotify?

Jelly Roll currently has over 1.2 million monthly listeners who stream his music on Spotify.

Trivia about Jelly Roll Networth

  • Jelly Roll’s most prominent rap albums are Beautiful Disaster, No Filter, Year-round, and Goodnight Nashville.
  • Jelly was born and raised in the USA with his family and friends.
  • Jelly has been known to be very passionate about pop and rap music as he also aspired to become a famous rapper at the time.
  • He is worth more than 6 million dollars.
  • He has experimented with rock and country music aside from Hip Hop.
  • His son Noah was born from a past relationship of Jelly with Melisa.
  • Jelly Roll was in prison for drug dealing charges when his daughter Bailee was born.
  • Jelly Roll earned his G.E.D. at the age of 23 while in jail.
  • Jelly Roll’s mixtape named ‘Whiskey, Weed & Women’ was previously called Whiskey, Weed and Waffle House but he had to change that as the restaurant later gave a threat of legal action.
  • He released his debut solo studio album ‘The Big Sal Story’ independently on October 26, 2012.(Jelly Roll Networth)

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