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Who owns Kidz Bop

Who owns Kidz Bop?: Elise Ecklund owns the company!

Who owns Kidz Bop? Kidz Bop is an American children’s music group owned by Razor & Tie (Concord Music). They produce cover songs of pop music and have sold more than 22 million albums around the world. Moreover, the label has also brought out 6.5 billion streams across the world. The music brand releases albums of contemporary songs that chart high on the Billboard Hot 100.

Who is Kidz Bop?

Kids Bop is a group of child performers. These young stars can also dance along with singing, kids also contribute to the development of the business. Moreover, become icons among all the young music lovers. In 2021, Sadie, Tafari, Chanel, and Toby joined the group. After that, In 2022 German kids Rahel and French kids Lea and Ismo also featured in this group.

Other members are

  • Cooper Hounshell
  • Sierra Gracelyn Brogmus
  • Olivia King
  • Julianna Revilla
  • Isaiah Morgana
  • Shane Davis
  • Freddy Pomee
  • Ahnya O’Riordan

Debut of Kidz Bop

The concept was introduced by Razor & Tie and was released on October 9, 2001. Kidz Bop

 has sold more than 22 million albums so far. They have released 40 albums till November 15, 2019, here is the list of albums-

Kidz BopOctober 9, 2001
Kidz Bop 2August 20, 2002
Kidz Bop 3March 4, 2003
Kidz Bop 4August 12, 2003
Kidz Bop 5February 24, 2004
Kidz Bop 6August 10, 2004
Kidz Bop 7February 22, 2005
Kidz Bop 8August 2, 2005
Kidz Bop 9February 21, 2006
Kidz Bop 10August 1, 2006
Kidz Bop 11February 20, 2007
Kidz Bop 12July 31, 2007
Kidz Bop 13February 19, 2008
Kidz Bop 14July 29, 2008
Kidz Bop 15February 3, 2009
Kidz Bop 16August 4, 2009
Kidz Bop 17January 26, 2010
Kidz Bop 18July 20, 2010
Kidz Bop 19January 18, 2011
Kidz Bop 20July 19, 2011
Kidz Bop 21January 17, 2012
Kidz Bop 22July 17, 2012
Kidz Bop 23January 15, 2013
Kidz Bop 24July 16, 2013
Kidz Bop 25January 14, 2014
Kidz Bop 26July 15, 2014
Kidz Bop 27January 13, 2015
Kidz Bop 28March 23, 2015
Kidz Bop 29July 10, 2015
Kidz Bop 30October 16, 2015
Kidz Bop 31January 15, 2016
Kidz Bop 32July 15, 2016
Kidz Bop 33October 14, 2016
Kidz Bop 34January 20, 2017
Kidz Bop 35July 14, 2017
Kidz Bop 36October 13, 2017
Kidz Bop 37January 19, 2018
Kidz Bop 38July 13, 2018
Kidz Bop 39January 18, 2019
Kidz Bop 40November 15, 2019
who owns kidz bop
kidz bop

Who owns Kidz Bop?

 Do you want to know Who owns Kidz Bop? Kidz Bop is owned by the American Razor & Tie. It is a leading music firm that creates movie musicals, Animated features, biopics, documentaries, and contemporary remakes. Internet rumors said that Elise Ecklund owns the company, but in reality Who owns Kidz Bop? She has uploaded a screenshot of the question ‘Who owns Kidz Bop’. In that screenshot, some websites showed her as CEO of the company. But the issue was resolved immediately and her name no longer appears.

Reason for success

The content of Kidz Bop is family-friendly which is one of the secrets of success. Also, the song is suitable for all age groups. Moreover, they also connect with the audience through their content. The quality of their song is also magnificent and relevant to the trend. After that, Kidz Bop kids also perform live at different places across the world. However, with the live performance, it becomes for these fans an unforgettable experience for life.


In brief, Kidz Bop is an American kid’s music label that produces pop songs with remarkable lyrics. Moreover, their extraordinary blend of creativity, research, and relatability offers the best musical experience to the kids. Kidz Bop aims to provide age-appropriate content without compromising the quintessence of the original song.


Who owns Kidz Bop?

Kidz Bop is an American company music group owned by Razor & Tie. But the internet showed Elise Ecklund as the CEO of the company, immediately it was sorted out.

Who is the president of Kidz Bop?

Sasha Junk is the president of Kidz Bop, she joined this company in July 2009. She was promoted to president designation in April 2020.

Does Kidz Bop also perform live?

Yes, they also perform live performance at different places all around the world.

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