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Walmart pharmacy hours

Walmart pharmacy hours: Timings of Walmart

Walmart pharmacy hours: Are you a resident of the United States? Then you might be aware of Walmart. Right? Do you know about the Walmart pharmacy? Are you aware of the working hours of the Walmart pharmacy? If you want to know more about the Walmart pharmacy, then this article might help you. In this article, we will discuss at what time Walmart pharmacy opens and closes, how can you get your prescriptions from the Walmart pharmacy, and some required information about the Walmart pharmacy. Stay connected with this article. It might help you.

About Walmart Pharmacy

Walmart pharmacy is one of the most popular pharmacies in the United States. It offers a wide variety of services, including prescription medications and health and wellness products. Hence, It also offers a wide variety of services that can help you manage your prescriptions. It offers personalized, affordable care for all, specialty pharmacy. Wich it easier for their consumers to get their medications and personal care.

Walmart pharmacy timings

Working hours vary as per the location. Most of the Walmart pharmacies are open from Monday to Sunday. For your specific location, you can check working hours by visiting the Walmart website.

But in general, its timings are as follows:

                                       Days                   Opening hours                    Closing hours
Monday9 am9 pm
Tuesday9 am9 pm
Wednesday9 am9 pm
Thursday9 am9 pm
Friday9 am9 pm
Saturday9 am3 pm

Above listed are the working hours of Walmart pharmacy, keep on reading to know more about the various kinds of services they offer to their customers and how can you refill your prescription.

Walmart pharmacy hours on weekdays

Most of the Walmart pharmacies are closed on Sundays but their clinical staff is available 24/7. Although it is open on Saturdays, the hours are shorter than the weekday Walmart pharmacy hours. It is a great effort by Walmart pharmacy and shows its dedication to providing personalized and better care to your loved ones. In case of any doubt, you can also visit and check their website or you can directly get in touch with your local Walmart pharmacy and ask about their Saturday and Sunday working hours.

Walmart pharmacy hours on holidays

Working hours on holidays are shorter and it also gets closed on some major holidays but the clinical staff is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The working hours on holidays are given below:

New Year’s Day – Limited hours

Christmas Eve – Limited hours

Easter Sunday – Limited hours

Christmas Day – closed

Thanksgiving – closed

To know your working hours during other holidays, visit the official website or you can call or visit the nearest location.

Is Walmart pharmacy open 24/7?

No, its hours are not 24/7. Although the clinical staff is available 24/7, generally it is closed after 9 pm.

How to get your prescriptions?

To get your prescriptions.

  1. You can visit the official website of Walmart.
  2. You can use the Walmart app to get your prescriptions.
  3. You can call or directly visit your nearest store to get your prescriptions.

How to get a prescription from Walmart’s official website?

  1. Visit the official website of Walmart and use the store locator tool to find your nearest store.
  2. After finding your nearest store, click on the simple refills option.
  3. Enter your details and log in to your Walmart account. Refill prescriptions as a guest if you do not have one.
  4. Enter the required information like your date of birth and any other information required to get your prescription.
  5. Review and check your medications and then you can easily order them from here only.
Walmart pharmacy hours
Walmart pharmacy hours

How to access the Walmart app?

The most convenient way to use the services provided by Walmart is by using their official app.

  1. Download the Walmart app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the Walmart app create an account and log in.
  3. Click on the Services option.
  4. Tap on the Pharmacy option.
  5. Choose option Refill Rx.
  6. After clicking this, select the medications you need to refill.
  7. Order your medications.

Does it provide home delivery for prescriptions?

Yes, it provides home delivery for the prescriptions in three options:

Standard delivery – In standard delivery, Walmart ships your medications to your home within 5 to 7 days. There is no extra charge for providing this service.

Second-day delivery – in this option, Walmart ships your medications to your home within two days. But it is chargeable. The service costs 8 dollars per delivery.

Overnight delivery – in this option, Walmart will ship your medications to your home overnight. This service is chargeable. The cost is 15 dollars per delivery.

Services offered by Walmart pharmacy

  • Vaccinations
  • Insurance
  • Clinic care
  • Vision centre
  • Prescription delivery
  • Affordable prescriptions
  • Pet pharmacy services


The working hours on weekdays are from 9 am to 9 pm and 9 am to 3 pm on Saturdays. It is closed on Sundays. Furthermore, if you have any queries, you can also visit their official website or can directly visit your nearest store. You can also use their store locator tool to find the nearest store to you. We hope this article helped you a lot in providing information about it and its operating hours. If yes, then don’t forget to share this article and leave a comment below. Thank you for reading this content.

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