Overview of and the pause time in Piso wifi

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Piso wifi is one of the popular and excellent internet services, and it allows users to access the net by inserting coins or tokens into the machine. It offers a certain amount of time to use the net, and its main feature is the pause time option. This pause time option allows users to temporarily stop their internet access and save time for later use. Here is a simple guide to understand everything related to the pause time feature among the users. 

Piso Wi-Fi: What is it and its work

Piso wifi is an internet service that offers affordable and accessible net access in the Philippines, where it is only found in public places. The public places include restaurants, malls and some other places. This Piso wifi works well and offers many advantages for the individuals who use it. It offers a required time for internet users after inserting the coins or tokens into the machine. The time provided is based on the value of the coins or tokens inserted. Most of the users choose it because it has a lot of characteristics, features and benefits in it.

Overview of and the pause time in Piso wifi:

The is the IP address, a private address commonly used by the routers as a default gateway. It is the great part of the class A network address that ranges and is often used in home small business networks. The devices on a network use the default gateway IP address to communicate with devices on other networks, such as the net Pause time is a great feature in the Piso wifi, which helps allow the users to temporarily stop their internet access and save their remaining time for using it later. It is the leading and wonderful feature that is helpful for users who need to take a step and then attend to other matters. When they like to continue accessing the net, they can continue doing it.

Login process to piso wifi pause:

If you like logging in to the piso wifi pause, follow the wonderful steps. It will assist you to

  • Link your appliance to the Piso Wi-Fi network.
  • Extend the web browser and fill the IP location that is in the right space
  • You will get a login page
  • enter the username and password
  • Tap on the login option to access the Piso Wi-Fi pause dashboard
  • If you require to pause the wifi, then select the pause option
  • You can resume the wifi by selecting the resume button

These are the best login steps you should understand when using the Piso wifi to access net.

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