How You Can Use Chrome://Net-Internal Dns to Clear the DNS Cache in Chrome?

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Users highly use the Chrome browser to browse anything online. It is the most demanding web browser among people of any size today. People often go for it due to ease of use and speed. Web browser stores domain name information in the cache to accelerate loading time. If the cache becomes corrupted or outdated, it develops an issue. Users may also face problems with DNS settings and be unable to browse the internet. In that scenario, chrome users must clear the DNS cache. chrome //net-internals/#dns mobile is an important command to clear the cache. 

About DNS cache:

DNS cache works as a transitory database that manages details about the earlier visited site. Once users visit any site, the browser piles up DNS details in the cache. It is the best approach to accelerate subsequent visits to similar sites. The browser picks up details from the cache only rather than looking it up again.

How to clear DNS cache:

When a website modifies the DNS entry or faulty network condition, you can clear the DNS cache to access the right IP address. DNS cache flushing indicates eradicating previously cached data DNS entries from the browser. Once the cache clear is over, chrome will request new DNS information and IP address. When it comes to DNS cache flush out, you can follow simple steps.

  • First, you can chrome browse and enter chrome://net-internal dns in the search bar.
  • After that, you press the enter option.
  • It will help you move to the DNS page and move to the clear host cache button.
  • After clicking on the button, the cache will clear.
  • Chrome users must authenticate this by testing out the host resolver cache section. 
  • Whether the cache clears successfully, you can view the message that shows the flushed DNS resolver cache successfully.
  • Then, you need to close and reopen the browser to make sure changing effect.

If you want a good browsing experience, the DNS cache is the important part. Sometimes, it may be corrupt or outdated for several reasons. Chrome users never worry about it. Removing the DNS cache is a better approach to solving issues and helping users browse the internet easily.

You can enter the command properly in the browser address bar and flush out the cache within a minute. When you face any issues during internet browsing, you can try this command and overcome the issue. Users follow simple methods to clear cache and browse the internet flawlessly. 

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