DeFuny Launches Global Public Beta Recruitment Partner Reward Program

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DeFuny, a comprehensive intelligent market-making and liquidity mining company invested by American CRYPTO FUND MANAGER LLC, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated global public beta recruitment partner reward program. This exciting development is set to transform the landscape of liquidity mining and market making, allowing ordinary users to participate in the most advanced technology while rewarding partners for their involvement.

DeFuny’s CEO, Emilio Knapp, stated, “We will strive to make everyone a partner of our company through the latest CLP technology,” reflecting the company’s commitment to inclusivity and innovation. To participate, visit the official website at

Empowering Ordinary Users in Liquidity Mining

DeFuny has been a pioneer in the field of liquidity mining, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions that have transformed the way participants interact with the industry. With a focus on innovation, the company has unveiled a revolutionary global public beta recruitment partner reward program that is set to disrupt the future of liquidity mining.

This innovative program is designed to empower ordinary users, providing them with the opportunity to join DeFuny’s advanced liquidity mining technology. It aims to break down barriers, making liquidity mining accessible to a wider audience and offering incentives to partners who actively participate.

Key Features of DeFuny’s Global Beta Program

  • Open to All: DeFuny’s program is open to anyone interested in liquidity mining, eliminating entry barriers.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Participants will have access to DeFuny’s advanced CLP technology.
  • Partner Rewards: DeFuny will reward partners for their active participation and contribution to the network.
  • Transparency and Security: DeFuny ensures transparency and security throughout the program.

Emilio Knapp emphasizes the significance of the program, stating, “This is a major milestone for DeFuny, and it underscores our commitment to revolutionizing liquidity mining. We are thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking program and look forward to the benefits it will bring to our partners.”

About DeFuny

DeFuny is a leader in liquidity mining and market making, driven by the investment of American CRYPTO FUND MANAGER LLC. The company operates a large-scale, professional, intelligent liquidity pool and computing power network center, aiming to make liquidity mining accessible to all.

DeFuny continues to push boundaries and shape the future of liquidity mining, reinforcing its position as an innovative leader in the industry.

Join DeFuny’s Global Public Beta Program

DeFuny’s global public beta program represents a significant leap forward in the world of liquidity mining and market making. It offers an unprecedented opportunity for users from all walks of life to engage with cutting-edge technology while reaping rewards.

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